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Our new Baby!

It is with a happy heart that I announce the launch of our very first newsletter. Please have a read and let us know what you think.

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And she’s back!!

Hi and hello,

It’s been quite a while I know and this seems to be my very consistent excuse but life has really just gotton in the way. In the last 2 months so much has happened including the sudden passing of my dear Dad who suddenly died of cancer within 2 months of his diagnosis. As you can understand I am sure this has been a huge shock and so blogging has taken a second place for the time being. Also we have moved homes and this takes up a fair amount of the little spare time I do have.

Ok onto Doodlebums and things related. We are on the ball, going really well. We have some wonderful promotions running on our website for Cherub Tree as well as a flash special for Bam+ Boo. We also have some lovely ones lined up for October. We are contemplating adding to our product range as well as exploring some other avenues and ways to expand the service.

In two days time the wonderful Ultimate Arrival hamper worth R7000 of Survival guide for families will draw their winner. Doodlebums have sponsored a lovely Gift voucher prize. There is still time to enter this competition. Go check out their Face Book page.

Ok, i’ll sign off for now, look forward to resuming blogging again at a better pace than has been the case.

Revenge of the Cloth Nappy.

While doing a little surfing on the net recently I came across this kicker of an article. For Cloth nappy users (Or those that arn’t) Please have a read. It had me in stitches. It was posted on the Urban Sprout Web page.

revenge of the cloth nappy

A list of clever comebacks on wearing cloth nappies I can count on one hand the number of people who literally wrinkle up their noses when they hear that I’m a cloth nappy devotee. Not my fellow nappy changers so much, no, they’re full of admiration – although they wouldn’t consider going that route themselves. The reasons are many: too smelly, too much work, too much bother, too old-fashioned, too leaky, too messy, too (fill in whatever strikes your fancy).

Have you ever walked past a bin full of disposable nappies – seriously, have you stopped to take a good whiff of all that poo and chemicals? Do you really think that a bucket full of slightly stained, soaking cloth nappies could possibly give off quite the same stench?

I’m not going to get radical and start mentioning the why’s and the wherefores of cloth nappies here – we all know about the hundreds of years it takes for a disposable to decompose and the questionable chemicals used in the production of disposables. [mothernatureproducts]

Instead, I came upon an ingenious list of clever quips to comeback at the wrinkled noses and smug poses of those who buy disposables without taking into consideration the incredibly negative effect on the environment:

• Yes, it’s a pain to haul them down to the river and beat them against rocks, but it’s worth it
• Well, I’ve saved about R12 000 in the first two years so I’m sitting pretty [stegi nappy]
• I don’t know it just seems silly to me to wrap about R80 a week in a plastic rubbish bag and throw it away… but maybe that’s just me
• What do you mean you don’t have time for it? You don’t have time to change your baby?
• Oh right, washing poo off of cloth nappies is an inconvenience but if we don’t then we have to wash poo off clothing, crib sheets, car seats, carpets, couches etc because of leaky disposables. I think I picked the easier path
• Well, nappy duty is never fun but I sleep well at night knowing my choice doesn’t involve thousands of kilograms of poo wrapped in paper and plastic and stuck in landfill for hundreds of years to come
• Would YOU want to wear paper underwear?
• Oh, we’ve just chosen a more natural, less chemically produced, lazily dependent upon modern conveniences style of parenting, that’s all
• She has a big bum did you say? Well, SHE is wearing a cloth diaper under her clothing? What is your excuse?
• I wouldn’t wear a portable toilet on my backside, so neither do my children
• Disposable nappies are the definition of wasteful, and we don’t want to start our baby’s life that way []

For more information about more modern cloth nappies see [stegi nappy], [bio baba] and [mothernatureproducts]

Why you should seriously consider taking the cloth nappy route [mothernatureproducts]

Some excellent advice i’d like to share.

Recently we have been struggling with our son regarding sleeping and eating. I posed a question to a recognised baby sleep expert Erica Neser who I happen to have personally known for the past 5 years so I can guarantee the advice to be tried and trusted. Her breif CV goes “Erica Neser is a Breastfeeding Counsellor (UNICEF) and Infant Massage Instructor (IAIM) who has been working at two busy baby clinics for the past 12 years and runs a private practice from home. She also has a BA degree in Psychology and is trained as an Aromatherapist and Postnatal Depression Group Leader. She is the author of Sleep Guide for Babies and Toddlers (Protea Books, 2006) and Coping with Crying (self published, 2008). Erica often gives talks to groups of parents or health professionals, contributes to parenting magazines and websites, and has participated in talks on radio and television. Erica has three children – Roald (16), Aniek (14) and Mila (7). For more information, please visit ”

So I thought I would share the advice she gave me with you as I am sure there are many out there struggling with similar issues.


My two year old wakes repeatedly during the night, and demands formula. Sometimes he’ll drink three bottles in a night. When he does sleep, he is very restless. He eats very poorly during the day. What can I do?

This is a very common problem, and not an easy one to solve, but it can be done.
When our kids are small babies, they need to drink milk at night, and it is one of the fastest ways of getting them back sleep. Naturally, as they get older, we tend to keep using this tried and trusted way of getting them back to sleep when they wake at night.
What happens with excessive feeding at night, is that the more he drinks, the more he wakes, the more he needs to drink to fall asleep, round and round. Then of course this leads to a lot of weeing (babies wake up to wee) and that leads to nappy changing, which wakes and frustrates him… Under ‘normal’ conditions, babies over 3 months shouldn’t need a nappy change at night. So if he needs a nappy change during the night, it is an indication that he is drinking a little more than normal at night.
Frequent milk feeding at night (in older babies/children) supplies them with kilojoules (energy), speeds up their metabolism, stimulates digestion, causes discomfort from a full bladder and a wet nappy, and influences their hormone balance – which may all combine to cause even more waking.
Another spin off from this scenario, is that their body becomes conditioned to be hungry during the night, and not so much during the day. A vicious cycle develops: they drink too much during the night, then they aren’t really hungry during the day, and then at night, we feel sorry for them and worried about their growth so we find it very hard to refuse them the milk, thinking that at least they are getting in some milk, and next day, they’re not that hungry.
A child over 1 year of age, needs only 300-500 ml of milk in total. If a baby is drinking 3 bottles, it can be up to 600ml or more in one night.
So, what to do?
Firstly, you have to do something, because as far as the child is concerned, YOU are the one with the sleep problem, not him. He won’t be motivated to change! Best advice is to slowly and gradually, over a matter of a few weeks, decrease the formula and make it more and more diluted. Obviously, you need to ensure that your child still gets the right amount of milk in total in 24 hours. You can make small changes: each night, reduce each bottle by 25ml. If at some stage your little one refuses to go back to sleep after his bottle is finished, you need to stay firm and not give him some more. He is big enough to understand. Mix the bottles before bedtime, and tell him, this is it for tonight. When it’s finished, it’s finished. I’m willing to hold you or lie next to you or sing to you, but no more milk. Expect tantrums, but stay LOVING and firm. Don’t get angry, just repeat the same thing. Stay with him till he sleeps. If you consistently reduce the amount by 25ml per bottle (i.e. 75ml/night) you can be down to 25ml per bottle after one week. Does that seem do-able…?
Then, hopefully, your little one will eat more during the day. Protein and iron are important at this stage, so make sure to give enough of that. If he has serious food fussiness or still eats very poorly, it’s best to consult a dietician with special interest in paediatric matters.

A fabulous find!

While trolling the net for interesting ideas to change my current wardrobe style from “Lumpy Mummy” to Yummy Mummy, I came across this fantastic product. It’s a dress that you can turn into 20 … yes I said 20 different style dresses. It’s called the Vanilla dress by Vanilla wear and I am over the moon with the concept and couldn’t wait to place my order. From an “Eco” point of view this is fabulous as you only need buy once, and there are all the savings on manufacturing to name but one. Financially of course you save as this item sells for mere R495 and if you think about it 1 dress in a regular store sells for around that. They currently only have the 3 main colours but promise to be revealing some new stunning colours really soon. I am very excited to get my dress and can’t wait to play around and see how many different looks I can achieve. Don’t be fooled by it’s summery appearance, pair it up with your winter boots and leggings over a polo neck and a nice coat and you have a wonderful winter outfit. Go have a look on their site, maybe you feel inspired just like I did to give it a try

Just Fabulous!!!

I won!! I won!!

I always believed that only other people won competitions! I had long ago stopped entering any as I kept feeling like it was just some ploy to waste your time.  However I recently discovered the new generation of competitions via facebook where you literally just enter your name on that specific FB page and you are entered!! Well I did this on Friday at a lovely page that I had just recently joined and lo and behold saw they were hosting a weekly comp and at almost the very last second of the comp I decided to enter it and promptly forgot I had done so. This morning though what should I see but notification that I was the winner of a prize!! Yaaaayyy I won, I won!! The point I am trying to make is Never say never!

Please check out the Survival guide for families Facebook page!/Jacqui.Mia  This is where I won my prize.  It’s a great little magazine that is issued for free with great articles and all sorts of things needed to parenting.  Go and have a look!

I also hosted a very impromptu Nappuccino on saturday which was really nice. I think the ladies that were there really enjoyed seeing and touching the products and it really helped then get a better idea of what they were looking for.

Have an awesome day!

A Fantastic tip for the day!!

I read this in a magazine just recently and seeing as my mornings generally are in the theme of feeling like a bus has driven over me when I am forcefully woken and have the duvet covers ripped off by my Son I decided to give it a try. I read that if you wanted to have a really nice quick ‘Pick me up” or “wake up call” you shoup drop a few drops of Citrus essential oil on the shower floor before stepping in. So when I did my shop on my favourite shop in the world “ I bought some sweet orange oil when I bought the lavender oil I put in the kids bath at night. So this morning being particularly bad I decided was an apt time to give it a try and so I did and I must tell you the sheer delight of that fresh orange smell when I stepped in the shower was just enough to put a smile of my face. The smell didn’t last for too long but it was worth it and I have to say it kinda put my mind in a bit of a “special” place for a few minutes.

I also read in that same magazine that if you suffer from the afternoon slumps like I often do that a good pick me up is the smell of peppermint. So weather it be chewing peppermint gum or drinking a hot cup of peppermint tea do give it a try. I drank peppermint tea and although I am not sure if it was the tea or just the fact that I was thinking about how it was supposed to help me that I did indeed feel a little more energised and not quite so narcoleptic.

Have a great day all.